Focuses the mind on the breath and relaxes the body to help oxygenate tired muscles in the neck and shoulders and boost energy.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time but chronic anxiety can affect quality of life. This exercise helps train the mind to become calm and less anxious.

This exercise helps to soothe emotions whenever you may feel anxious or sad, and restore emotional balance and harmony.

This simple guided meditation will help you to fall into a truly restful night’s sleep. Let go of all your thoughts and worries, sleep peacefully and wake refreshed.

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At difficult or painful times in our lives it can sometimes feel as if our energy is scattered. all over the place. This deeply nourishing technique is about gathering yourself gently back together again.

When we are busy or stressed our mind can seem endlessly busy with thoughts and distractions. The quickest way to refocus our attention is to realign our body with our mind to bring about a sense of calm. 


This exercise helps you let go of the busyness of the day and any negative chit chatter going on inside your mind. Helping to let go of expectations from yourself and others and releasing blocked energy.

Our minds have the amazing ability to ‘time travel’ and we can go back and forth to past or future events. However, if these events generate fear or anxiety then this exercise can help soothe a worried mind.


Take a few moments to get grounded and calm your mind with this simple meditation for beginners practice.

Being 'mindful' of thoughts and feelings helps raise awareness and stop negative thoughts affecting our peace of mind.

Understanding the A.W.A.R.E technique. This technique is powerful way to reduce anxiety and unpleasant emotions.

A progressive muscular relaxation exercise to reduce stress and improve circulation and blood flow to the head and shoulders.


Relief for people who wake in the middle of the night (MOTN) and struggle to get back to sleep.

It’s difficult to relax when you have a strong emotion such as anger or upset inside your body. Here the focus is on reducing negative emotion.

A gentle exercise to help reduce the impact stress hormones have on our emotional health and wellbeing.

Systematically targeting specific muscle groups and putting them in ‘active rest’ is a great way to reduce stress and boost energy at work.